Maison Perrier-Jouët and Mélanie Laurent united for a desirable future

November, 2023


 Maison Perrier-Jouët is delighted to announce its partnership with the actor and director Mélanie Laurent, who is well known for her long-standing commitment to environmental causes. Sharing the House’s vision of a desirable future, Mélanie Laurent will accompany it in its environmental initiatives in favour of biodiversity.

She is also the star of the new Perrier-Jouët campaign film – a joyful ode to nature designed to re-enchant the world – from the Japanese director Show Yanagisawa, which will be screened in a worldwide exclusive preview in Tokyo in October 2023.


Mélanie Laurent’s career resonates with the two founding passions of Maison Perrier-Jouët: art and nature. From indie movies to blockbusters, she has made more than 50 films – first in France, then internationally from 2009, notably with her role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”. Since 2011, she has also achieved success as a director in France and the US. Alongside her artistic career, Mélanie Laurent has devoted herself to environmental causes, using her platform to speak out and contributing to actions on the ground. She spent two years travelling the globe for the 2015 documentary “Tomorrow”, which she co-directed. It won a prestigious César award for the best documentary film, and was screened at both the COP21 conference and the United Nations.


In her environmental work, Mélanie Laurent highlights practical and positive solutions that can contribute to change. The new campaign of Maison Perrier-Jouët draws inspiration from the flower and its essential role in relationships within the ecosystem. The aim of the film is to make us realise that – like the flower and all other plant and animal species – we are part of nature, not apart from it. The House invites us to rediscover the importance of collaboration between species in order to better inhabit the world we share – witness the initiatives it has undertaken over the past 10 years in its own vineyards to enrich biodiversity. In 2021, the House initiated an experimental regenerative viticulture programme to trial new practices and share them with its partner winegrowers.


Mélanie Laurent sees her partnership with Maison Perrier-Jouët as a natural extension of her career,

in which the artistic and environmental dimensions are closely related. She comments:

“I am delighted to be accompanying Maison Perrier-Jouët in conveying our shared vision of nature. We have the same commitment and the same drive for change, while also aiming to transmit something truly positive to future generations.”

As well as starring in the film directed by Show Yanagisawa, Mélanie Laurent will also be actively involved, as an Artisan of Change, in the House’s environmental initiatives to promote biodiversity.

“ We are honoured that Mélanie Laurent has agreed to unite with Maison Perrier-Jouët as an Artisanof Change. She joins our community of artists, who help to illuminate societal shifts and point the way forward. Our responsibility is to do the very best we can today, with a view to tomorrow,” says César Giron, CEO of Maison Perrier-Jouët.


Mélanie Laurent is a French actress, screenwriter, director and environmental activist. The recipient of 2 Césars, Mélanie Laurent has established herself as an actress in the film industry. She’s been part of over 50 movies. She made her Hollywood debut in 2009 with the starring role as Shosanna Dreyfus in Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster war film Inglourious Basterds. She has since gone on to work with an elite group of filmmakers in independent movies including Mike Mills, Denis Villeneuve, Bille August, Radu Mihaileanu, Angelina Jolie, Alexandre Aja. She also took part in blockbuster movies such as Now you see Me, Michael Bay Six underground or Murder Mystery. She made her feature directorial debut in 2011 with Les Adoptés, following up with the critically acclaimed Breathe. Her first English language feature Galveston starring Elle Fanning and Ben Foster. In 2021 she released Le bal des folles that she directed and in which she plays, talking about women’s condition in Salpetriere in the 19th century. Her next movie «Voleuses» will be released on Netflix in November. In parallel to her artistic career she got involved very soon in the environment cause. First with Greenpeace she discovered deforestation in Indonesia, then became a voice of the climate justice campaign alongside Kofi Anan. Also involved with the preservation of the oceans she supported the Fishlove campaign and gave her voice to the documentary The End of the line. In 2013 she started exploring the world with Cyril Dion, to try to find alternative, ecologic solutions. This will become the documentary Demain released in 2015 all over the world, Cesar and of the best documentary, a source of inspiration that was projected in Cop 21 and ONU.


Maison Perrier-Jouët was founded in 1811 by a couple united by their love of nature and passion for art. From the start, they chose the Chardonnay grape variety as the signature of the House, defining the floral style which sets Perrier-Jouët champagnes apart. For more than two centuries, Maison Perrier-Jouët has evolved in close relationship with nature, guided by the free spirit of its founders and the exuberance of the Art Nouveau movement. Nature remains its primary source of inspiration. The Earth is a common garden, which the House cultivates as it crafts its champagnes. Fired by creative freedom, Maison Perrier-Jouët nurtures