For its lastest partnership with Design Miami, Maison Perrier-Jouët takes over Miami through an innovative digital collaboration with Chicago-based artists Luftwerk.

October, 2017

September 2017

October 2017 – Perrier-Jouët has been a partner of DesignMiami/ since 2012.

In December, the Maison will unveil an exciting new chapter in this longstanding association, in the shape of digital installations by the Chicago-based artists Luftwerk. An artistic collaboration between Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero, Luftwerk uses projected color and light to reveal familiar environments in unexpected new ways. For these pieces – including a dramatic contribution to L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët, the immersive bubble of wonder that reinvents nature for the digital age – Luftwerk was inspired by the Maison’s Art Nouveau heritage.

Since founding in 2007, Luftwerk has amassed a significant body of work – notably by interacting with iconic architecture. These past projects – including installations at such renowned sites as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House and Fallingwater and Mies van der Rohe’s historic Farnworth house – will be echoed at L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët. Luftwerk’s work highlights the shifting nature of light, exploring its dynamic relationship with color and perception.

“When we discovered the Perrier-Jouët House, we were immediately fascinated by theMaison’s Art Nouveau heritage, epitomized by Emile Gallé’s iconic anemone motif,” says Luftwerk. “It’s a symbol of Perrier-Jouët’s links with nature, which live on in the Eden by Perrier-Jouët experience. Making champagne is much more than just opening a bottle. It’s a long process that involves both sunlight and darkness. For these pieces, we wanted to take visitors on a journey, revealing the hidden structures that bring beauty into being with an ebb and flow of colored light.”

The result is a boldly contemporary reinterpretation of the Maison’s historic links with Art Nouveau, on display in three key Miami sites: Design Miami/, L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët and Miami international Airport.

About Perrier-Jouët

Perrier-Jouët is an iconic champagne house with an exceptional vineyard. It is known for the finesse, floral and elegant notes of its wines, fashioned with the expertise of only seven Cellar Masters since its foundation in 1811. Since its 1902 collaboration with Art Nouveau pioneer Emile Gallé, creator of the anemone design for the house’s Belle Epoque prestige cuvée, Perrier-Jouët has commissioned work from established and emerging artists including Daniel Arsham, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Miguel Chevalier, Makoto Azuma, Tord Boontje, Studio Glithero and Simon Heijdens and more recently Tord Boontje, Vik Muniz, mischer’traxler, Ritsue Mishima and Andrew Kudless.