Maison Perrier-Jouët conjures a wild and wonderful holiday season

September, 2017

September 2017

September 2017 – Maison Perrier-Jouët is celebrating the festive season with a wild and wonderful limited edition of its classic Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut champagne.

The Champagne House, for which nature has long been a source of inspiration to create an illustration on the theme of rewilding, reflecting Perrier-Jouët’s mission to bring the wonders of the natural world to unexpected urban settings.

Referencing the House’s links with Miami – it is present every year at the Design Miami interna-tional art fair – The House created an exquisite image in which a tropical forest appears to in-vade the city’s celebrated oceanfront. Graceful pink flamingos and a languid crocodile appear in a décor of exotic flowers and luxuriant ferns, against the elegant backdrop of Miami’s Art Deco architecture. The predominant colours of the illustration are the signature green and gold of Maison Perrier-Jouët, while its fine details mirror the House’s long tradition of craftsmanship.

Emblematic of the House style, the limited edition is an intricate blend of approximately 50 crus from some of the finest plots in the Perrier-Jouët vineyard. The firm structure of Pinot Noir grapes is complemented by  the finesse of Chardonnay and the harmony of Pinot Meunier in an elegant, harmonious champagne which captivates the senses with delicious aromas of fresh flowers and yellow fruit, and subtle hints of vanilla.

A collector’s item in itself, the Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut limited edition is also the first of a new col-lection: from now on, every year, Maison Per-rier-Jouët will choose a different city to be transfor-med by its unique vision of rewilding. Expressions of wonder are guaranteed wherever friends and family gather for the Holiday season!

About Maison Perrier-Jouët

Maison Perrier-Jouët is an iconic champagne house with an exceptional vineyard. It is known for the finesse and elegant floral style of its wines, fashioned by the expertise of only seven Cellar Masters since its foundation in 1811. Since its 1902 collaboration with Art Nouveau pioneer Emile Gallé, creator of the anemone design for its Belle Epoque prestige cuvée, Perrier-Jouët has commissioned work from established and emerging artists including Daniel Arsham, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Miguel Chevalier, Makoto Azuma, Tord Boontje, Studio Glithero and Simon Heijdens, and more recently Tord Boontje, Vik Muniz, mischer’traxler, Ritsue Mishima and Andrew Kudless.